Kish Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.

Kish Laboratory

KISH Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd is the core subsidiary of Kish International (Pvt) Ltd that directly deals with importing and distributing vital lifesaving Invitro diagnostic equipments to all the hospitals and medical Laboratories in Sri Lanka. Inaugurated in 2003, they have worked tirelessly to capture the bigger chunk of the market share in Sri Lanka varying from private to public IVD Sectors. The largest revenue yielders being the Government and Government related Medical centers, where we, KISH Laboratories chiefly operate by supplying latest technological advance state of the art equipments.These diagnostic equipments are distributed and maintained by highly skilled technical team, all through its lifespan without any glitch.

In accordance with the Mission and Vision of Kish International (Pvt) Ltd, they comply with the true value for Product and Services rendered keep the clientele and the global suppliers contented. The long list of loyal clientele is an assurance of the kind of products and services provided and how empowering Kish Laboratory has been throughout the years.