Kish International (Pvt) Ltd.


KISH International along with its subsidiaries has its heart in the right place. Understanding the need to be socially viable and accountable to its community and people is something they take it seriously. By practicing the social responsibility KISH is conscious of the nature of impact they create on all aspects of society such as impact created on socio-economy and on environment.

They take up various Projects that creates an impact in various levels of socio-economy.

Project - Kish Preschool

KISH’s belief in ‘knowledge is wealth’, is seen being paramount under KRISH Preschool Project work. Facilitating a good wealth of knowledge and making it available to all is what the Project aims at. The preschool set up in the remote area of Eastern Sri Lanka known as Morawewa about 24 kilometers from the main town of Trincomalee, help the children in this area to be able to attend school that provides a standard, quality primary education which then will enable them to move on to the high schools to further their education. The education, necessary materials and the facilities in the school are provided free of charge to all students. Currently the Preschool stands to hold around 40 plus ardent students who enjoy a healthy learning environment.

Project: Annual Bicycle Tour

Annual Bicycle Tour is a community Project that help keep the young and old fit and healthy. Besides this it also encourages them to mingle with one another thus forming a social bond to create a harmonious living environment. Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnical and religious country where all get the right to ‘Live and Let Live’. Such community Projects help trigger cohesive living and lifestyle.

Project: Blood Donation Camp at Kish Office

GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE - Blood donation camp organized by Kish Welfare at Kish office .. !

To commemorate the office anniversary, Kish Group organized a blood donation camp at the Head Office, Wattala. The blood donation camp was organised by the Kish Welfare. Mr. Kumar Sundararaj, Chairman of Kish Group and the Kish company staff members volunteered to donate blood.

Project: Annual Benefit Cricket Match with Mercantile Cricket Association

Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA) is an association that unties the corporate worlds of Sri Lanka under the umbrella of benefit Cricket match. This is an annual cricket tournament event held to unite the employees and employers in the name of Sports and sportsmanship. Each corporation registers a team to challenge the other classified into various groups. At the end of the benefit friendly matches, a winning team is hailed and awards of recognition is given. These awards are classified as the best team, best sportsman, best baller, best batsman for the series and other related positions such as wicket-keeper, fielder are honored.

KISH International is proud to have joined and contributing towards the Association since 2018.

Project: Prize giving at Thandiyadi school, Kannankuda

Another pleasing CSR at Thandiyadi school, Kannankuda, Thanks to our director for the great initiative.

“ An educated youth makes a powerful nation, Let us build our beloved country together “